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6/19/2018: Irish, J.D., Bailey, S.E., Guatelli-Steinberg, D., Delezene, L.K., Berger, L.R. (in press). Ancient teeth, phenetic affinities, and African hominins: Another look at where Homo naledi fits in. Available here.

4/30/2018: Guatelli-Steinberg, D., O’Hara, M., Le Cabec, A., Reid, D.J., Delezene, L.K., Skinner, M.M., Berger, L.R. Patterns of lateral enamel growth in Homo naledi as assessed through perikymata distribution and number. Available here.

3/5/2018: Berthaume, M.A., Delezene, L.K., Kupczik, K. Dental topography and the diet of Homo naledi Journal of Human Evolution 118: 14–26. Available here.

8/15/2017: “Teeth of Homo naledi” on “A Story of Us Podcast” available here.

5/30/2017: Interview with Ozarks at Large on new discoveries of Homo naledi available online or listen here.